update (for anyone who still reads this ever)
  1. i renamed this blog (as you can see) and i won’t be using it anymore, sorry
  2. peterwentz is going to be my new personal blog because i love the url and want to keep it forever because i’m greedy 
  3. my personal blog will consist of the avengers, star wars, fob and other stuff
  4. if you like that stuff you should totally follow me
  5. feel free to enjoy the gifs i made on this account but would you please stop posting them without credit? jeez, you could at least put a little note on it (i forgot to watermark a few of them)
  6. my livejournal account is still black_cards if you need to contact me for any other reason

so peace out i guess unless you follow my personal blog (which you totally should because i like awesome things and i like my followers on here for the most part)

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Anonymous asked: would you consider giving away your url to someone who would use it everyday?...

i’m going to say no for the same reason i didn’t delete the whole blog. there are people i keep up with and the slight chance that i’ll come back over the summer. just not now.

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Anonymous asked: So why are you on now then?

checking the black cards tag

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Anonymous asked: is it coming back?

who knows? probably not for a while if it does

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Anonymous asked: What happened to this blog?

i threw it down a flight of stairs and it died. sorry we didn’t have a proper burial :(

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sorry for not posting in over a week

my slacking’s becoming a problem

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Anonymous asked: pw is on the swaggin wagon btw where u been

i’ve been sick for over a week

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